"A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking." Jerry Seinfeld


Our final Monday

Two gentlemen are in our Bistro right now removing light fixtures from the ceiling. There are exposed wires everywhere.

The entire store is at least 70% off. We've begun barricading off sections with turned-out bookcases. We're down to only a handful of books in many sections and when I direct customers to the remaining shelves, most reply with, "That's it?" and they walk away without browsing.

We've had two customers come in looking to buy a cup of coffee from our Bistro, which has been closed for four weeks. Others are disappointed that the kids section is gutted & the play area is roped off with CAUTION tape. A few have complained about the power drills that are dismantling fixtures; another pointed out our overhead still has Christmas music on.

The booksellers have made multiple Starbucks runs. We are working in silence today, tucked in corners doing returns, moving bookcases without speaking, looking at our cell phones to measure the time & hoping a call for an interview comes through. Most of us have promised to stay through the end; all of us are thankful this is almost over.


Anonymous said...

As another former JBB employee, my heart goes out to you all in Cleveland today. I hope you all find new jobs quickly and don't let go of your memories.

Joanna M said...


It sounds awful. I'm thinking of you guys.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog from She's Too Fond of Books. I was in the store last night and was shocled at how cleaned out the place was. I loved that store and am sorry to see it close.