"A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking." Jerry Seinfeld


Lenten Undertakings: The Apartment

I was baptized Catholic, confirmed Methodist, but when our church made Sunday School mandatory to play rec league basketball, my parents let me make my own religious choice. I've read books on Buddhism, worked at a Jewish summer camp, & befriended Wiccans. My spirituality has no set religion; maybe that's why my views on Lent are a little different.

I've tried giving up sweets or coffee or swearing or napping only to make it a week or two before caving to temptation. Several years ago, I read an article that suggested taking something on instead of giving something up. It's been easier to stick to 30 minutes of exercise or an hour of reading or two hours of writing than spending all day giving up caffeine. I try to find something that will help me relieve stress, that's fun, and will ultimately help me become more productive. I've also found that I can keep these new undertakings way after Lent ends. It's kind of like a second chance at the New Year's resolutions I've long since forgotten.

This year, my goal is to finally get my apartment completely furnished & organized. I've lived here since August 2008 but have never fully settled in. My zen-inspired master bedroom still doesn't have a bed or window treatments. My second bedroom has become a catch-all where I'm currently sleeping; my desire to turn it into a working office has become stuck on figuring out what to do with my large bare walls and no storage options. My living room is probably the only room that is close to being finished although I need two endtables, a bunch of picture frames, and at least one more bookshelf.

I never fully settled in because I was never fully sure I'd be here this long. With a new career & lots of new opportunities, I've accepted I will probably be here for a while so why not finally make this place 100% mine.

Besides, I found some really cute pillow shams on sale for $9 that I could not pass up :)

First task is my second bedroom -- the journey starts Sunday.